How Pedestrians Can Reduce Accidents

June 08, 2020

By Keffer Hirschauer LLP

How Pedestrians Can Reduce Accidents

Pedestrians are obviously vulnerable to any collision with a car or other motor vehicle. Because they have no protection around them, they bear the full brunt of any crash and can suffer life altering injuries. According to a study from the Governors Highway Safety Administration, Indiana saw around 36 pedestrian deaths in 2019. Many thousands more have been seriously injured.

Reducing pedestrian injuries should be a top priority. Below, our Indianapolis car accident lawyer has some tips for how to get to your destination in one piece.

Minimize Distractions

Some accidents are avoidable if the pedestrian is paying attention. However, someone with their nose in their phone or playing music through earphones might not see or hear an approaching vehicle. It is vital to minimize all distractions, whether you are walking during the night or day.

Cross at the Crosswalk

There is a reason that cities like Indianapolis have created crosswalks. Pedestrians are looking for pedestrians there, not for them to spring into the middle of the road. Crosswalks usually also have lights which will halt traffic.

Obviously, some motorists do not obey red lights and try to scoot past people already in the crosswalk. Remain on high alert at all times. Also, only cross when given permission to do so.

Use the Sidewalk

A sidewalk is elevated and therefore provides some barrier between you and any passing vehicles. If you walk in the road or on the shoulder, then you increase the chances of being struck.

Some roads might not have a sidewalk, particularly in rural areas of the state. It is important here to walk against traffic. This way you can always see the vehicles approaching you and they can see you, too.

Increase Your Visibility at Night

Some motorists collide with pedestrians because they cannot see them, especially at dusk or in the evening. Pedestrians should take sensible steps to increase how easily they can be seen.

For example, you might walk while holding a flashlight. Alternately, you could use reflective tape and put it on the back of our jacket or on your backpack. During the day, you can also increase your visibility by wearing something very bright, like an orange or yellow jacket.

Yield the Right of Way

Even if you have the right of way, always stop to make sure vehicles on the road are stopping for you. Don’t assume they will. Also don’t step out in front of the car. In a crash, a pedestrian will definitely suffer worse injuries.

Always look both ways before entering the crosswalk and stop if you suspect an approaching driver is not finding the brakes.

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