Pedestrian Deaths Surge in 2020 in Indianapolis

July 08, 2020

By Keffer Hirschauer LLP

Pedestrian Deaths Surge in 2020 in Indianapolis

With the recent coronavirus pandemic, we would have expected the number of pedestrian deaths to have declined in our city. The Governor’s stay at home order limited the number of errands that a person could run outside the home, and this order applied to people who walk as well as to people who drive. With fewer cars on the road, the number of pedestrian accidents should have declined dramatically.

Instead, Fox 59 is reporting disturbing information: thus far in 2020, 16 pedestrians have been killed in Indianapolis. This number is shocking given that we are only halfway through the year and the city typically averages only around 23 accidents in a year.

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The Numbers Could Increase in the Summer

The most recent accidents involved three teenagers who were struck and killed on Memorial Day Weekend as they walked along Kessler Boulevard. Another man was killed only a couple weeks ago when he was walking near the I-65 ramp on Raymond Street.

Now that warmer weather is here—and the restrictions on going out in public are lifting—we anticipate many more people will be outside walking. Teens who are not in school also will be out and about, some of them driving. These conditions are ripe for more pedestrian collisions, including fatalities.

The City is Trying to Respond

According to Fox, our mayor is trying to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents by installing more streetlights. The program is called “Operation Night Light.”

Many of the city’s streetlights are broken or old, so this program should help. Increasing the number of streetlights could also reduce crime as an added bonus. So far, the program has installed 1,100 LED streetlights around Indianapolis.

The city is also encouraging pedestrians to take sensible steps to reduce accidents—a recommendation we have made before. These steps include crossing only at crosswalks and wearing a reflective vest or walking with a flashlight at night.

Dealing with a Non-Fatal Injury

Not every pedestrian collision results in deaths. Dozens of people are severely injured when they are struck by a motorist. Their injuries can range from simple fractures to serious back or hip injuries that require rehabilitation. Other pedestrians can suffer brain injuries or spinal cord damage, which can lead to long-lasting impairments and the inability to work in the future.

If you were hit by a vehicle, you need to show that the motorist is at fault. This is another reason to only cross at the crosswalk. If you were jaywalking, then the amount of compensation you receive could be reduced.

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