Carmel Personal Injury Lawyer

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 29.4 million people visited the emergency room for accidents or unintentional injuries in 2017. When someone is injured due to someone else’s negligence it can become a personal injury case. Personal injury claims allow the victim to seek financial compensation for the damages they sustained. If you have been injured, the Carmel personal injury lawyers at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers can help you determine if you have a legal case.

Car Collisions

Drivers are responsible for the safe travel of their vehicle, but often they choose risky behaviors that put their lives and the lives of others on the road in danger. Drivers who crash are often not paying attention to the road and weather conditions. Instead, they may have gotten behind the wheel drunk, are speeding because they are in a hurry to get somewhere, or they are otherwise distracted by behaviors such as texting. Bradley Keffer and Tom Hirschauer were previously prosecutors on the Fatal Alcohol Crash Team in Marion and Tippecanoe counties. With that experience among others, both attorneys are highly skilled when it comes to investigating crash scenes, prosecuting cases, and winning jury verdicts. Our Carmel auto accident attorneys are capable of litigating all types of collisions involving vehicles including:

  • Multi-vehicle crashes;
  • Uber or Lyft vehicle crashes;
  • Hit-and-run crashes;
  • Crashes involving pedestrians, bicycles, e-scooters, or motorcycles;
  • Truck collisions; and
  • Underinsured or uninsured motorist crashes.

Nursing Home Abuse

According to A Place for Mom, there are six nursing homes in Carmel, Indiana with several more options available in the surrounding communities. While these facilities boast state-of-the-art care, garden views, healthy menu options, and 24-hour care by trained staff, the reality can unfortunately be that they fall short of quality care. Even if the ratio of staff to residents seems adequate during the week, they may run on a skeleton crew on the weekends or have a high rate of turnover which can put your loved one in danger of neglect. Other nursing home victims face abuse that can be both physically and emotionally traumatizing. If you believe a family member is being abused or neglected in a long-term care facility, a personal injury attorney can help you take action and seek compensation to cover the expenses of moving them to a different location and getting medical treatment for the injuries they sustained.

Premises Liability

When a person is injured on another person’s private residence or on a commercial property because the property owner was negligent in maintaining safe conditions, it can become a premises liability case. This can include slip and falls, swimming pool accidents, or even sexual assault cases that could have been prevented with better security systems in place. An experienced premises liability lawyer will be able to collect the critical evidence necessary to prove that the property owner knew or should have known about the hazard and failed to fix it or warn visitors of the danger.

Let Indianapolis Injury Lawyers Handle Your Carmel Personal Injury Case

It is traumatic to suffer an injury that could have been prevented if someone else had been more responsible. At Indianapolis Injury Lawyers, we understand that you are focused on recovering and that a personal injury case may seem daunting. Let us use our knowledge and skill to handle your claim so that you get the best compensation possible. Contact our offices today at 317-455-4043 to schedule a free consultation.