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As drivers, homeowners, business owners, and victims of injuries and illnesses, we all rely on our insurance policies in times of need. Insurance companies have an obligation to pay out for valid claims in a reasonable amount of time. After all, we pay high premiums for the support if and when we need it. Unfortunately, insurance companies often put their profits before their service, and it is essentially the job of an insurance adjuster to determine the minimum payment the insurance company is responsible for. While some degree of haggling over a claim is common, what is not common, or legal, is a bad faith claim, which occurs when an insurance company refuses to communicate with you or denies a claim for an invalid reason. 72 percent of Americans believe that health insurers use wording that is too difficult to understand, according to Yougov. But there is a difference between confusing policy language, and outright misrepresentation of the policy by the insurer. Our Carmel insurance claims lawyers at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers will hold your or the other party’s insurance company accountable to ensure that you are treated fairly.

Examples of Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Bad faith claims are all too common, and insurers are fearful of legislation passed in the previous decade that gave power back to the people. In fact, the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies funded a report that claims that the ability to sue a first party insurer for bad faith somehow harms the entire insurance process and drives higher premiums. If any of the following is true of your situation, you have grounds for a bad faith insurance claim:

  • Refusing to pay the proper amount on a claim;
  • Refusing to communicate with you by phone or email;
  • Denying a claim without giving a reason;
  • Wrongfully denying a claim for any reason;
  • Failing to pay or deny the claim in a reasonable amount of time;
  • Misrepresentation of policy language;
  • Doing a poor evaluation; or
  • Any other unfair act to deceive you in order to avoid paying the correct amount on a claim within a reasonable amount of time.

Types of Bad Faith Liability Insurance Claims

  • First Party Bad Faith Claims: Your own insurance company is acting in bad faith. This can be your property insurance, car insurance, a business owner’s workers’ compensation insurance, or your health insurance.
  • Third Party Bad Faith Claims: You are the victim of another party’s negligence. For example, the other party’s negligence may have led to a trip and fall in the premises, resulting in a broken leg. Another example is when the at-fault driver causes a crash, and their insurer acts in bad faith. In these types of lawsuits, you can sue for the damages caused to you in the personal injury claim, as well as the economic and non-economic damages caused by the bad faith insurer.

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