Carmel Slip & Fall Lawyer

Falls are one of the leading causes of hospitalizations and emergency department visits, yet they rarely make the news. As such, the general public does not have an accurate perception of just how dangerous a bad slip and fall can be. As a victim of a slip and fall, you have the opportunity to seek compensation from the at-fault business owner or property owner by filing a premises liability claim. Here at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers, our Carmel slip & fall lawyers can help you seek compensation for all of the following damages:
  • Medical expenses;
  • Projected medical costs;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Lost wages and lost earning capacity due to disability;
  • Emotional distress;
  • Loss of joy of life; and
  • More.

Cost of a Fall Injury

The average hospitalization cost of a fall injury is well over $34,000, according to Johns Hopkins. However, this does not paint the full picture of a victim’s damages. There may be future medical requirements, such as surgery for a hip replacement, as a fall can damage ligaments and bone and lead to wear and tear injuries that surface years later. An additional economic cost is the lost wages and earning ability that the patient will likely suffer from, as serious injuries take months or even years to heal from. For seniors, fall injuries are even worse than for younger victims, as the likelihood of serious injury, or injuries that will eventually result in death, skyrocket, according to a recent study and the University of Rochester Medical Center. There has been a 55 percent increase in fatal ground-level falls in the last few decades, due to an aging population. The age of the victim is often used as a counter argument by the at-fault party to deny responsibility. However, when it comes to a personal injury lawsuit, the age of the victim should not be taken into account when there is evidence of property owner negligence.

Common Causes of Slip and Falls Due to Negligence

If a property owner or business owner has real or constructive knowledge of any of the following hazards, they can be held accountable for your damages:

  • Ice in front of a store or on the sidewalk;
  • Spilled merchandise;
  • Wet floors from tracked-in water near the doorway;
  • Wet floors due to a spill, burst pipe, or mopping;
  • Stairway without a handrail;
  • Damaged or worn out stair steps;
  • Improperly marked step up or step downs;
  • Wires or other tripping hazards in walkways;
  • Spilled food;
  • Cracks, holes, or bumps in the floor due to disrepair;
  • Grease on the floor;
  • Ripped carpeting or rugs;
  • Overly slippery floors that have been worn down to a polish; and
  • Poor lighting.

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Whether the injury took place at your work, in a restaurant, at the grocery store, on the sidewalk, or in a retail store, an attorney can help determine who is at fault, and hold that party liable for their negligence. Contact the Carmel slip and fall attorneys at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers today at 317-455-4043 to schedule a free consultation.