Fishers Dog Bite Lawyer

Being attacked by a dog is a traumatic experience, even if your injuries are not that severe. Dog bites can leave lasting physical and emotional scars. The trauma can be worse if the victim is a child. At Indianapolis Injury Lawyers, our Fishers dog bite lawyers understand the physical and psychological harm a victim experiences after a dog bite. We have years of experience helping Indiana clients with all their personal injury needs, including dog bite claims.

No One Bite Rule in Indiana

Some states allow dogs “one free bite.” Owners are required to know of at least one incident in the past where their dog bit someone else before being held responsible. Indiana does not have this rule. In fact, a dog owner is liable for the first bite under the legal theory of strict liability. The court will find the owner is at fault without you needing to prove the owner did something negligent.

The law says that if you are minding your own business and the dog bites you without provocation, the owner could be liable for your injuries and other damages. This applies no matter whether you were bit on private or public property.

Employees carrying out federal and state duties, like a postal worker, firefighter, police officer, etc., have special protections if a dog bites them. Indiana law says a dog owner is liable for their damages if it bites someone carrying out the federal or state government’s official duties.

Common Types of Dog Bite Injuries

Some injuries are more common with dog bites. These include:

  • Hand injuries,
  • Puncture wounds,
  • Lacerations and scratches,
  • Head and face injuries,
  • Torn tissue,
  • Permanent scarring,
  • Severed tendons,
  • Nerve damage, and
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder.

When you develop a secondary infection in your wound, it can cause additional trauma to your skin and increase the chances of permanent scarring. Some victims may need multiple surgeries after a dog bite, including scar revision surgery.

What to Do After a Dog Bite Injury

If you or a loved one was bit by a dog, it’s important to take the proper steps:

  • Call the police and file a report as it will serve as evidence of the attack;
  • Get the dog owner’s name, address, phone number, and insurance (if they are present);
  • Seek immediate medical treatment;
  • Take photos of the dog and your injuries at the scene if possible; and
  • Contact an experienced Fishers dog bite lawyer right away.

If the owner is present at the time of the attack, avoid getting into an argument or debating what happened. Concentrate on your injuries and let us handle all communications with the dog owner and their insurance company.

Hiring a Fishers Dog Bite Lawyer

Retaining a lawyer does not automatically mean your case is going to trial. Many personal injury claims settle directly with the insurance company without a lawsuit being filed. However, you want an attorney who has the resources and experience if your case does proceed into litigation.

Pursuing a dog bite claim is complicated. You need an experienced attorney on your side who can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact Indianapolis Injury Lawyers today to learn how we can help. Call 317-455-4043 to schedule an initial consultation.