Greenwood Personal Injury Lawyer

When a person suffers injuries due to someone else’s negligent behavior they can seek compensation through a personal injury claim. While compensation will not heal injuries any faster, it can reduce the financial impact of the accident. Victims can seek compensation for medical expenses, anticipated medical costs, lost wages from time off work, permanent disability, pain and suffering, and property damage. A skilled Greenwood personal injury lawyer from Indianapolis Injury Lawyers can guide you through the process of a personal injury.

Vehicle Collisions

The Greenwood Police Department reported that there were 265 accidents resulting in injury or death on the roads in 2018. Some of the most common causes of those collisions listed by the police include:

  • Failure to yield in a right of way;
  • Driving too closely;
  • Distracted driving; and
  • Failure to signal.

The attorneys at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers have experience as Fatal Alcohol Crash Team prosecutors. Drivers will often try to avoid blame in car crashes but we know how to investigate crashes to prove liability. We will examine police reports, traffic cameras, witness statements, the evidence from the crash scene, and more.

Premises Liability Claims

It is up to businesses and individual homeowners to provide a safe environment for visitors on to their property. You may have a personal injury claim if you have been hurt due to a hazardous condition that a property owner knew about and did not fix or put up warning signs for. For instance, grocery stores that find out about a spill down an aisle must put up caution, wet surface signs until they are able to fully clean up the area.

Nursing Home Mistreatment

Indiana Laws on Aging Pamphlet states that it is a crime to physically abuse, neglect, or exploit an endangered adult or dependent. An endangered adult is someone who is vulnerable because they cannot take care of themselves or their property. Many older adults in nursing homes require assistance with basic daily tasks, which puts caregivers in a position to abuse or neglect them. While it is a crime, if an elderly resident is injured due to physical abuse, verbal abuse, or neglect it is also possible to file a personal injury claim to seek compensation. The money received in a personal injury case can help pay for the victim to move to another care facility, get medical treatment, and will account for the pain and suffering they endured.

Contact Indianapolis Injury Lawyers About Your Greenwood Personal Injury Case

Injuries take us out of our daily life. All of a sudden work becomes replaced with a hospital stay or medical appointments. Often injuries affect our mobility and our independence. It can seem daunting to consider filing a personal injury claim on top of trying to recover, which is why you need the help of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. An attorney can answer questions, help you collect documentation, and advise you on the best course of action for your case. To schedule a no-cost consultation with an attorney from Indianapolis Injury Lawyers call our Greenwood offices at 317-455-4043 today.