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Indiana Personal Injury Lawyers

There is a reason that Indianapolis personal injury lawyers remain in business: injuries do happen, and, according to personal injury statistics, they happen quite frequently. Drivers, property owners, nursing homes and others must use care to avoid causing injury to others. When certain types of personal injuries do occur, good personal injury lawyers know just what steps to take to help victims recover for the damages caused by someone else’s negligence.

With our investigatory skills and a high level of attention to every detail, the experienced team at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers works to recover complete settlements from insurance companies or, when necessary, stands ready to take cases straight to court. We have fought on behalf of injury victims and won time and again, even in the most serious cases involving traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or wrongful death.

When you have been impacted by a personal injury, whether yours or an injury to a loved one, get justice by calling Indianapolis Injury Lawyers.

What Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers Can Do for You

Freely-available personal injury statistics data show us just how often personal injuries occur. For instance, a searchable database at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) site shows that there were over 2.1 million non-fatal motor vehicle occupant emergency department visits and over 8 million unintentional falls in 2019 across the US. Although many people refer to incidents as “accidents,” rarely are injuries caused by true accidents. More often than not, they occur because someone did not exercise proper care.

Indianapolis Injury Lawyers navigates the many sources of personal injury laws each and every day so that our clients do not have to. We pay particular attention to the Indiana personal injury statute of limitations, the amount and kind of damages a client should expect to pursue, the proper defendants to name in a case, and the special circumstances of each and every client’s situation. With litigation skills honed by years of experience, you’re in good hands with our Indianapolis personal injury lawyers at the helm.

Types of Personal Injuries

There is no shortage of personal injury examples. Indianapolis Injury Lawyers protects clients’ interests for all types of personal injuries:

Case by case, the lawyers in our firm research, investigate, and collaborate to develop a strategy for obtaining the rightful compensation of victims of personal injury.

Auto Accidents

Drivers have a duty to drive safely and carefully, paying attention to the traffic, weather, and road conditions, adjusting their driving accordingly. Unfortunately, thousands of vehicle accidents happen in Indiana every year because of drivers who were speeding, drowsy or fatigued, driving drunk, or texting while driving or engaging in other distracted driving behaviors, so much so that Indiana Code 9-21-8-59 bans even holding a phone while driving.

As former Fatal Alcohol Crash Team prosecutors in Fatal Alcohol Crash Team Marion and Tippecanoe counties, Bradley Keffer and Tom Hirschauer are trained and experienced in crash scene investigations and have handled every aspect, from investigation through prosecution and jury verdict. The experience they bring from their tenures as prosecuting attorneys plays a significant in getting compensation for their auto accident clients.

Premises Liability

Property owners owe a duty to their guests and customers to ensure a safe environment for those on their premises. Owners must fix dangerous conditions and warn people about non-obvious hazards on the property. Slip and fall accidents can be painful and traumatic and cause lasting personal injury.

Slip and fall cases can be incredibly complex and challenging to prove. Property owners often claim they did not know about the danger or have time to fix it before the accident happened. Other times, they claim that accident victims were not looking where they were going and slipped and fell when they could have avoided the hazard. Experienced Indianapolis personal injury lawyers are equipped to counter these and other defensive moves.

Our experienced premises liability lawyers know how to prove the property owner knew or should have known about the hazard but failed to fix or warn about it in a reasonable time, and we will not let you get blamed for an accident that was not your fault.

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

When our loved ones require a level of care that we cannot provide ourselves, we entrust their care to the skilled professionals at a nursing home or assisted living facility. Unfortunately, these facilities do not always live up to their mandate to provide quality care in a safe environment, leaving loved ones victims of neglect or even intentional abuse.

The issue is of such high importance that the Indiana State Department of Health, Long Term Care Division has created a Nursing Home Report Cards system. Also, according to Medicare nursing home ratings, 19 of the 100 nursing homes in Indianapolis are rated “below average,” and 16 are “much below average.” Even at “good” facilities, staffing turnover, shortages, and other factors—especially post-COVID-19—may put your loved one at risk. Complaining can be slow and ineffective.

Our Indianapolis personal injury lawyers take action now to stop and prevent further abuse while seeing to it that your family members get the care and compensation they deserve.

Additional Areas We Serve

Our Indianapolis personal injury lawyers handle a wide range of personal injury cases throughout Indiana. Our firm has an office in downtown Indianapolis, but we manage all types of personal injuries and claims throughout the state, serving the following communities as well:

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