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When lives are lost in car crashes and other such events, statisticians often refer to these incidents as “accidental” deaths. However, in most cases, these deaths were not accidental. Instead, negligence, or a lack of care, usually caused the wrongful death. The fact that the incident was unintentional does not change the fact that the tortfeasor (negligent actor) is legally, and in most cases financially, responsible for the survivors’ losses.

At the office of Indianapolis Injury Lawyers, our experienced Muncie wrongful death lawyers understand the complexities in wrongful death claims, because we routinely handle them in Delaware County and throughout Indiana. Over the years, we have developed proven methods which ensure full and fair compensation for the injuries your family sustained. No amount of money can replace a lost loved one, but financial compensation helps assuage the grief, and that’s what the departed one would have wanted.

Common Wrongful Death Claims

Car crashes, falls, and poisonings, mostly drug overdoses, cause most of the injury-related deaths in Indiana.

Every year, vehicle collisions kill tens of thousands of Americans. Driver error causes over 90 percent of these incidents. This error could be an operational error, like speeding or making an unsafe lane change, or driver impairment, such as fatigue or substance abuse. In both these situations, negligence claims do not “blame” a person for a crash. These actions simply hold people responsible for the mistakes they make.

Falls, particularly slip & falls, are the leading cause of Emergency Room visits in the United States. These incidents are particularly deadly for people with pre-existing conditions. Full compensation is usually available in these situations, as long as the fall aggravated the pre-existing condition, as opposed to the other way around.

Finally, in a problem as big as the opioid epidemic, there is normally plenty of blame to go around. Of course, there is a significant degree of personal responsibility. But there is more to this story. Many doctors wrote prescriptions without asking too many questions. And, many shipping companies dumped countless opioids into communities and did nothing except count the money they made.

Your Claim for Damages

Procedurally, wrongful death claims are different from other kinds of personal injury claims. Indiana law limits recovery to pecuniary losses, such as:

  • Funeral and burial expenses,
  • Future lost financial support,
  • Medical bills related to the decedent’s final injury or illness,
  • Future lost emotional support, and
  • Decedent’s pain and suffering.

Survivors may be entitled to compensation for their own grief and suffering, under a theory like negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Additionally, most wrongful death claims settle after mediation. A neutral third party, who is usually an unaffiliated Muncie wrongful death lawyer, meets with both sides and tries to forge a settlement. If both sides negotiate in good faith, which means they are willing to compromise to get a deal done, mediation is usually successful.

Mediated settlements are usually good for victims. These resolutions shorten the life of the case and also give the parties more control over the outcome.

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