Plainfield Personal Injury Lawyer

The Plainfield personal injury lawyers at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers have experience working with victims of a wide-variety of personal injury cases. If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, we want to help you hold them responsible. Filing a personal injury claim will not make your injuries disappear, but it will greatly reduce the financial burden of the accident and can help you feel you got justice.

Traffic Collisions

Esurance notes that more cars on the road equates to riskier conditions and that 16 percent of all fatal crashes occur during rush hour. According to Plainfield’s 2019 Thoroughfare Plan, 25,039 individuals commute an average of 24 miles into Plainfield while 10,987 commute out to other locations to the east and south, leaving only 2,276 residents who stay within the town limits for work. Rush hour crashes occur when people are mentally distracted by problems at work, fatigued from the day, angry that traffic is slowing them down from getting home, or texting while they are behind the wheel. There are risks outside of rush hour as well, such as drunk drivers on the road and drivers who fail to slow their speed during bad weather conditions. If you have been injured in a traffic collision, the attorneys at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers can help you collect the evidence needed to prove liability and damages.

Caregiver Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Homes

A survey conducted by the CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions found that 37 percent of older adults had problems completing regular activities on their own, such as walking, eating, and preparing meals. When elderly adults need more assistance with these activities they often move to a nursing home or assisted living facility. Unfortunately, some nursing homes are not properly staffed, which can lead to abuse or neglect. If you notice signs that your loved one’s health is deteriorating under the care of a nursing home and suspect mistreatment, it is important you follow up on your suspicions.

When Unsafe Premises Lead to Injury

Business and even individuals are expected to keep their property in a safe condition so that injuries do not occur. If you were hurt and you believe the injury could have been prevented with a warning sign or maintenance to the area, then it is time to talk over your case with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney because you may be able to file a premises liability claim for compensation. Common examples of premises liability cases include:

  • Dog bites or animal attacks;
  • Slip and falls from water or ice buildup on the ground;
  • Trip and falls from clutter being left out or poorly maintained stairs;
  • Injuries from scuffles at nightclubs and bars that do not have appropriate security;
  • Assault in a parking lot that is not well-lit or fenced;
  • Swimming pool accidents; and
  • More.

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When it comes to a personal injury case it is critical to have the expertise and skill of a personal injury attorney working on your claim. We can help you prove liability, collect evidence to support the severity of your injuries, and advocate for your best interests when negotiating compensation. To speak with the Plainfield attorneys at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers call 317-455-4043 and we can schedule a free consultation.