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As the population grows around Plainfield, the city feels that growth in the form of increased traffic. Unfortunately, the boom in newcomers also increases the chances for auto collisions and injuries. These incidents are often preventable had one driver simply been paying more attention to the road, their speed, and the conditions around them. If you have been a victim of a car crash, you deserve compensation but may not know how to go about getting it. For experienced guidance from a skilled Plainfield car accident attorney, auto accident victims call Indianapolis Injury Lawyers. A knowledgeable car accident attorney from our firm can assist you with the legal processes necessary to recover the damages you seek, whether through negotiation of a desirable settlement or aggressive litigation of your claim in court.

A Plainfield Car Accident Attorney Explains Hendricks County Auto Collisions

Every Plainfield car accident attorney at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers knows and understands the science behind traffic accidents. Indeed, Bradley Keffer and Tom Hirschauer have specific training in crash reconstruction and investigation, including the differences in causes of and injuries incurred in different types of accidents.

National Safety Council data shows that there are multiple types of auto collisions:

  • Collisions between motor vehicles
  • Collisions between a vehicle and a fixed object
  • Accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians
  • Non-collision accidents, such as rollovers

In collisions between motor vehicles, rear-end crashes are likely to happen when a driver is distracted and does not see the car in front of them slow in time to react, when a driver is speeding, or when a driver is trying to intimidate another driver by tailgating. Angle collisions, often caused when one driver fails to signal or fails to yield, are also common and, tragically, also often fatal.

Recent traffic safety data for Hendricks County reveals that 4,500 collisions occurred in Hendricks County in 2019. Nearly 1,200 of those occurred in the Plainfield area alone. Most of the city is nestled between US 40, a traffic-light-laden thoroughfare, and I-70, a heavily traveled highway that sees significant interstate travel. The city’s proximity to the Indianapolis International Airport, a true hub of transportation, necessarily adds to the traffic load. From accidents on stop-and-go roads to high-speed collisions and rural Henricks County crashes, our Plainfield auto accident lawyers have the experience needed to work quickly and effectively to protect your rights and get compensation for your losses.

The Role of Insurance Policies after a Car Crash

Typically if you are hurt in an auto collision and another driver was at fault, you would file a personal injury insurance claim with the other driver’s auto insurance company. If the accident involved more than one driver or at-fault party—or if one or more at-fault parties lacked insurance—other insurance companies and policies could be involved, including your own. Examples of situations in which this could occur include:

  • Accidents involving multiple vehicles
  • Crashes involving rideshare companies
  • Collisions involving rental cars
  • Accidents in which the at-fault driver is uninsured or underinsured
  • Accidents with commercial vehicles or when the other driver is on-duty as a business driver
  • Circumstances involving umbrella policies, which used when a driver’s auto insurance cannot fully cover the driver

Insurance companies do not easily pay out claims. To avoid paying out or reduce the amount paid on claims, they often turn to some standard defenses. Chief among these is the tactic of finding ways to attribute fault for the accident to you.

Under Indiana’s modified comparative negligence system, fault must be attributed among all parties to an accident. If you are found to be more than 51 percent at fault, you are not entitled to any compensation for your injuries or other losses from the accident. If you are found to be 50 percent at fault or less, any compensation you recover will be reduced by your percentage of fault. Obviously, insurers have a strong incentive to find you at least partly at fault for your accident, so you need a Plainfield car accident attorney who knows and understands the terrain and the law to establish the other driver or parties mostly or totally at fault for the accident.

Lack of evidence is another go-to defense tactic used by insurers. They demand verifiable proof of both their insured’s fault for the accident and all of your damages, such as medical bills, future required treatment, loss of income, and property damage. You need an attorney who knows how and where to find the evidence needed to persuasively support your claim.

A skilled Plainfield car accident attorney from Indianapolis Injury Lawyers will exhaustively research your case to see what policies apply, whether to anticipate any of the standard defenses cited by insurance companies, and how to combat them. Whether we settle your claim with a resistant insurance company, go to mediation for you, or try your case in court, we will aggressively pursue your right to compensation.

The Price of an Auto Accident

Auto accidents differ, but the financial losses suffered in them come from the same sources:

Suffering injuries in an auto accident can prove to be very expensive. The cost of an ambulance ride can be $1,000 or more if you don’t have insurance. Hospital stays can run thousands of dollars a night depending on the level of care required, and outpatient treatments can be both costly and require you take time off work. Your Plainfield car accident lawyer will work to leave no stone unturned when it comes to identifying and proving all of the losses you’ve incurred—and may yet incur—as a result of your accident.

Speak with a Plainfield Car Accident Attorney About Your Crash

When you’re looking for a skilled and experienced auto accident attorney in Plainfield, your search can stop at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers. Our experience as personal injury lawyers and with vehicular accidents in particular gives you the advantage over the other driver, insurance companies, and other parties trying to defend against your claim. We understand how difficult this time is for you. We will investigate your accident, gather evidence to prove liability and your damages, and fight for the maximum compensation allowed under Indiana law.

Not all Plainfield auto accident attorneys are the same, but at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers you will have experience, skill, and dogged determination working for you. To start your case now or to get more information, schedule a free consultation with a Plainfield car accident attorney at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers by calling 317-455-4043 or completing our online contact form.