Terre Haute Auto Accident Lawyer

Indiana operates on a tort (as opposed to no-fault) system of auto insurance. That means if one person gets into an accident with another, a determination is made as to which driver caused the accident. In some cases, part of the blame is laid at the feet of both drivers. However, the stakes are quite high when it comes to serious injuries. That’s why you need a Terre Haute auto accident lawyer to litigate your claim.

What Happens After a Car Accident?

Directly after a car accident, most folks stop to exchange information with the other driver. Under Indiana law, any accident that results in damage to a vehicle requires that both drivers stop to exchange insurance information. If the accident results in serious injury, drivers are required to stop to render reasonable aid. In most cases, this means contacting police to send an ambulance. But you have 10 days to report the accident to police.

How Does Liability Work in Indiana?

Indiana operates on a 51% rule. That means that if one driver is deemed to be 51% responsible for an accident (or more) they are barred from recovering damages by filing a lawsuit. This creates a situation where each party to an accident has every incentive to prove the other is at fault. So long as you are not 51% at fault for the accident or more, you can recover damages albeit at a lower percentage than a driver who was 0% responsible for an accident.

Filing an Insurance Claim in Terre Haute After a Car Accident

All Indiana drivers are required to have car insurance. When one driver causes an accident, you can file a claim on either your own or the other driver’s auto liability policy. The claims adjuster will receive the claim, determine whether or not their policyholder was at fault, and pay out damages based on their interpretation of the amount of harm the accident caused you (capped, of course, by the policy limit). The insurance adjuster’s job is to limit the amount of money paid under their policies to as great an extent as possible. They are not your friend. Your interests and theirs are opposed.

In some cases, the insurance company will either wrongfully deny your claim or offer you a settlement that is far lower than the total value of your claim. When the stakes are high, your injuries are extensive, and you’re missing time from work, you need an experienced Terre Haute auto accident attorney on your side. You will only get one chance to settle this claim. An attorney can ensure you get every dollar you’re owed.

Talk to a Terre Haute Auto Accident Attorney

If you’ve been involved in a serious car accident, the stakes are high. You’re probably missing time from work, accruing medical expenses, and uncertain about your future. Indianapolis Injury Lawyers can help you get every penny you’re owed to get you back on your feet again. Call today to learn more.