Terre Haute Car Accident Lawyer

Terre Haute is home to Indiana State University, sits on the beautiful Wabash River, and is a frequent stop for interstate traffic between St. Louis and Indianapolis. As a result, Vigo County sees its fair share of traffic and, unfortunately, car accidents. When a car crash happens, the last thing you want to do is spend time researching your rights and hoping you get it right in order to recover compensation. An experienced Terre Haute car accident lawyer who regularly represents auto accident victims and fully understands the nature of car accidents can handle this for you so you can focus on healing.

The legal team at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers has experience and skill tailored to successfully preparing and arguing auto accident cases in Terre Haute. From minor campus fender benders to serious city or highway accidents, we will put our years in the courtroom to work for you, fighting for compensation for your medical, property damage, and other related losses.

A Terre Haute Car Accident Lawyer Explains Your Obligations after a Car Accident

Indiana operates on a tort (as opposed to no-fault) system of auto insurance, and this can be confusing without the help of someone who is familiar with the system. This system requires a determination of which party was at fault for causing the accident. In some cases, the fault may be attributed to more than one driver or party involved. The stakes can be high when it comes to serious injuries. That’s why you need a Terre Haute car accident lawyer at Indianapolis Injury Lawyers to represent you as you seek to recover the damages you deserve after someone else’s negligence.

Directly after a car accident, most people know to exchange information with the other driver(s) involved, although few involved are sure of the steps to take right after an accident. According to Indiana Code § 9-26-1-1, any accident that results in damage to a vehicle requires that both drivers stop to exchange insurance information. If the accident results in serious injury, drivers are required to stop and render reasonable aid. In most cases, this means contacting police to request an ambulance. But what do you do next?

When you have the help of Terre Haute auto accident lawyers from Indianapolis Injury Lawyers, we can save you the hassle of knowing all of the steps you have to take to prove who caused the accident and enforcing your right to compensation. We know just what steps to take, how to gather evidence, and how to prosecute your claim for all compensation owed to you under the law.

How Does Liability Work in Indiana?

Indiana operates on a modified comparative negligence system, which requires determination of the percentage of fault attributable to each party to the accident. If one driver is deemed to be at least 51 percent responsible for an accident, that driver is barred from recovering damages. As a result of this rule, each party to an accident has a strong incentive to prove the other bears more that 50 percent fault for the accident. A driver less than 50 percent at fault can recover damages, although any damages award is reduced by the percentage of fault attributable to that vehicle.

If you are in doubt as to your level of fault or need help understanding the how comparative fault applies in your case, a Terre Haute auto accident attorney can help explain how the law applies in your particular case and prepare and prosecute your claim for damages against the other driver, insurers, and any other parties involved.

Filing an Insurance Claim in Terre Haute after a Car Accident

All Indiana drivers are required to have car insurance. When you’re involved in an accident, you can file a claim on either your own policy or the other driver’s auto liability policy. A claims adjuster investigates to determine whether the policyholder was at fault. If the fault determination favors your claim, the adjuster pays out damages to the extent of the policy limit.

The insurance adjuster’s job is to limit the amount of money paid under their policies. They are not your friend, and your interests and theirs are opposed. Engaging the services of Terre Haute auto accident attorneys early in the process, when you are conducting your negotiations with insurance companies, is critical to ensuring you get all compensation due to you under the policy and the law.

In some cases, the insurance company will either wrongfully deny your claim or offer you a settlement that is far lower than the total value of your claim. In these cases, you need an aggressive Terre Haute auto accident attorney who can attempt to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company and, if settlement is impossible, prosecute your case to fight for your right to full compensation.

Where to Find Your Terre Haute Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, your life has been turns upside-down. Accidents can mean medical bills, emotional trauma, property damage, time off work, and uncertainty about your future. You need knowledgeable help to bear the burden of pursuing your claim for compensation so you can focus on healing and getting back to your life.

When you’re looking at auto accident and injury lawyers in Terre Haute for help getting compensation for your accident, look no further than Indianapolis Injury Lawyers. Our litigation team has spent years honing its skills to protect and help people just like you, and we will fight for you to receive every penny you are owed for your financial losses and more. For a free consultation with a Terre Haute car accident lawyer, call us today at 317-455-4043, or complete our online contact form.